The meeting between Federica Biasi and CC-TAPIS has seen a union of aesthetics and philosophies, united by a great respect for craftsmanship. Both are young but they are not afraid to dare, with an eye to market trends respecting the personal poetics of each designer.

Federica took inspiration from a night spent in Merzouga, Morocco, and the intention is to capture the emotions, the colors, the sensations of a night in the desert: “I would like that through this carpet people would be able to bring in of their homes a night in the desert, traveling with the mind even for a few minutes, lying in their living room to rest, meditate or even just to breathe.“

The carpet reflects the current creative path of Federica Biasi: the choice of natural colors and fringes interprets two of the contemporary trends in Italian and international design, while maintaining the North African identity of the carpet.

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