The new Jolie pendant ligh or Gallotti&Radice pushes the boundaries of traditional hand-blown glass manufacturing techniques to give shape to what does not yet exist.
Designed in Murano, Jolie pendant light is the result of a journey into research and experimentation where the knowledge and experience of Master Glassmakers is contaminated by the curios mind of young and talented designer.

“I was curious to test the limit” says Biasi “and began to pursuit the idea we could expand the size and create an object with a larger diameter.” Breaking away from the no:on that designing and making are two distinct actions, the designer has worked closely together with skilled Murano Glassmakers, reinterpreting traditional crafts techniques in a contemporary key.
With a diameter of 60 cm, the oblong shape becomes the body of Jolie, a light designed to address spaces with high ceilings and major architectural installatons.

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