Wabi-Sabi, a collection inspired by natural imperfection

Wabi-Sabi is the name of the new collection of tiles designed by Federica Biasi for Decoratori Bassanesi.
Its name literally means “imperfect beauty”, a concept that characterises the craftsmanship and processes of the Japanese world that are based on the acceptance of small imperfections.

As for the dualism that is core to the concept of Wabi-Sabi, the Federica Biasi collection is also characterised by two di erent but complementary textures.
The first, Wabi, features a dense weave, a texture that is rich in levels but that is surprisingly light. A surface that, in order to be understood, must be observed from close up and, thereafter, gently skimmed, touched and explored with multiple senses.
The second, Sabi, boasts a more decisive and tangible surface, despite its simpler, more rigorous and broader essence. Compared to what happens with Wabi, in this case, curiosity is stimulated from afar, and then leads the observer to approach and understand with touch.

To complete the range, Biasi has created a third proposal without three-dimensionality. In WS Full, colour and material are the protagonists and accompany the textures.

Available in the 14×14 and 7.5×30 sizes, the collection is available in three smooth, slim and bold nishes and in the colours Cotton, Ecrù, Canyon, Mud and Anthracite.


Date _ 2021
Client _Decoratori Bassanesi
Design : Federica Biasi
Ph : Stefania Zanetti + Studio Biasi