WS_Hinoki-NEWS_MANERBA_2020-377 copia
ws_Hinoki_NEWS_MANERBA_2020-377 copia
WS_NEWS_MANERBA_2020-377 copia copia


A series of screens and dividing partitions, which are freestanding if they are on the ground or hooked to structures if they are applied to a desktop.

Hinoki is a polycarbonate semitransparent panel which is set in a metal structure with a flat freestanding section, on the ground or on castors, powder coated in several Manerba lacquered finishes in order to chromatically coordinate it with other collections of the catalogue.
The choice of the material, the polycarbonate, is due to its resistance, flexibility and refractoriness to the use, the scratches and the chemical agents.
Hinoki will be made also in other materials such as glass, plexiglass, cork, magnetic board, wood and with the possibility to be upholstered with fabric with sound-absorbing features.


Date _ 2020
Client _ Manerba
Design : Federica Biasi
Ph : Davide Di Tria