Apartment – Out of the Blue

Arranged over three levels, the Out of the Blue renovation centres around a concealed stairwell, which occupies a considerable proportion of the house.On the ground floor of the house is the living, dining and kitchen areas, with a basement level found on the floor below. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the second floor.
At only 150 metres squared, the house employs interior elements that are able to serve several functions.
Central to this is the kitchen island, which is designed to work as an adaptable centrepiece on the house’s main level.
“The nerve-centre is a monolith of Deep Titanium Corian, which accommodates the induction hob, designed to create continuity throughout the kitchen and living area”
“An iconic and versatile element, it can be used as a worktop in the preparation stages, then transformed into a dining table for lunches and intimate dinners.”
The entire fitted furniture was designed to belong to the architecture with the function of optimising the spaces and creating storage both in the living area and the large accessorised walls in the entrance
Many of the storage walls are painted in deep grey, a colour that recurs throughout the interior. Brass fittings and finishings complement the cool palette.


Date _ 2016
Client _ AIM studio
Type_ Interior Styling
Photographer_Simone Furiosi